picture of Wahaca Southbank

Wahaca Southbank

Playfully dubbed the Southbank Experiment, Wahaca Southbank is an ambitious project for the brand. Installed on the outdoor terrace of the Queen Elizabeth Hall, the ‘transportable’ restaurant provides an exciting and unique dining experience.

The brightly-coloured, riverfront structure was assembled from 8 recycled shipping containers stacked in pairs to provide a two-storey building with a glass atrium at its centre, the installation houses a restaurant and tequila bar.

Softroom developed the idea for using the shipping containers not only to remind visitors to the restaurant of the working history of this part of the river, but also for more practical reasons as their limited height allowed us to be able to fit two floors in to the volume of a single storey space.

Approaching the restaurant, one of the containers has been cantilevered out over the eastern end of the site to create a canopy over the ramped entrance. Upstairs this shift gives the bar lounge even better views out over the river and towards Westminster.

Unveiled during the Festival of the World, it is a great acknowledgement of how commercial operators can contribute to the wealth of experiences that a site like this offers.


Sustainable Innovation, Sustainable Restaurant Awards 2015
Pop Up, ResBarDesign Awards 2013
Sustainable Building, Sustainable City Awards 2012/2013
Best Restaurant Design, FX International Interior Design 2012

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