picture of Turkish Airlines Domestic Lounges

Turkish Airlines Domestic Lounges

The domestic lounges at the new Istanbul Airport are the result of an international competition won by Softroom to create 19,000 sqm of lounges that embody Turkish Airline’s new brand philosophy of ‘flow’ within the airport environment. The lounges all feature the signature 'Flow Wall' developed by Softroom, which directly forms a seamless passenger journey, by acting as an organising feature that weaves the spaces of the lounges together.

The two domestic lounges (one for business class and one for frequent flyers) have their own drop-off, check-in and departure areas, making them a mini terminal in their own right.

The six lounges that Softroom designed for Turkish Airlines at the new Istanbul Airport comprise two 6,000 sqm international departure lounges (one for business class and one for loyalty programme passengers); a 2,700 sqm Exclusive lounge for Turkish Airlines’ most frequent flyers; a lounge for arriving passengers and the two domestic lounges.

Continuing their successful partnership with Turkish Airlines, the lounges are furnished, operated and catered by Turkish Do&Co.