picture of Pennington Road Footbridge

Pennington Road Footbridge

Softroom won the commission for the Pennington Road footbridge though a RIBA design competition that attracted 88 entries. Replacing an old industrial structure, the new bridge contributes to the regeneration of the area and acts as a gateway to Bootle for users of the canal.

The design responds to both the existing conditions of the site and the regeneration plans, to deliver a practical, long lasting and appealing solution set within the wider urban context. Spanning 19.4m, with a deck width of 2.4m, the form of the bridge echoes traditional canal bridges, where a ramped side approach links to a shallow arched bridge or simple span structure.

Updated for current standards of accessibility, a steep ramp has been replaced with a shallow inclined and stepped approach. Gently curving pathways have been cut into a newly formed landscape, much as hairpin roads wind their way up a hillside slope.

The bridge structure and finishes are constructed from sustainably sourced timber to create a feeling of tactility and warmth, as well as having the desired longevity and robustness. And reinforced earth engineering techniques support the curving ramp while minimising concrete.


Winner, RIBA Open Competition 2007