picture of Mere Restaurant

Mere Restaurant

Mere is a restaurant and bar on London’s Charlotte Street featuring a split level interior, with the focus on a relaxed and casual approach to dining with no compromise on comfort. Constructed behind a retained Georgian facade, we had to utilise every square inch of available space.

On the raised ground floor, the bar has seating for 22 guests for food, cocktails and drinks. The downstairs restaurant accommodates up to 64 guests. A six metre tall window, extending from the bottom of the basement to the ceiling of the ground floor, connects the two levels and brings in natural light.

In addition to natural materials, the colour scheme is predominantly a rich blue. Within the upstairs bar we used clay plaster together with velvet upholstered furniture and a specially commissioned carpet, patterned with a contoured design, to create a more luxurious, softer environment. Antiqued mirrors make the interior feel more expansive, and silk panels along one wall further soften the space.

A grid incorporating lighting turns the ceiling into an illuminated surface and a key design feature is a series of metallic fins behind the bar which provide shelving to display bottles and are highlighted by small LED lights.