picture of Eurostar Lounge

Eurostar Lounge

As part of a re-organisation of Paris Gare du Nord station, Softroom were asked to create a brand new lounge for Eurostar’s Business Premier passengers. Through both enhanced function and a greater level of comfort and service, it epitomises the sense of ease and glamour long associated with train travel and Eurostar.

Situated within the upper floors of the terminus, the lounge takes advantage of the unique architecture of the building. The site was originally split up into hotel bedrooms, so to create the volumes necessary for a business lounge all of the sub-diving walls were removed, leaving two main lounge spaces separated by a central food and drink area.

The lounge now offers a variety of different experiences, with the scale reducing and the tones darkening as you move from the light filled entrance to the more atmospheric ‘Connections’ bar sunk ingeniously into the floor at the far end. The original hotel corridor, which runs the length of the lounge, has been re-purposed as a series of intimate ‘snug’ spaces, some of which also overlook the platforms.

A palette of natural materials and muted colours, with hints of blue and highlights of yellow metals, draws on the brand to creates a refined and comfortable environment. Throughout the lounge, the detailing of the furniture reinforces the perception of quality associated with the Business Premier service, with frequent power points, wireless charging and tables suitable for both work and leisure.