picture of Eastland


The redevelopment of the Eastland Mall was a great opportunity for us to enrich a familiar type of retail environment. We created an iconic design for the mall extension and gave direction for the interior architecture, roof and public square. It was really important that the design of Eastland contained enough variety and richness to sustain an active and enjoyable public life.

Working with creative directors, Seventh Wave, we drew upon European references to refine the form of the glass-vaulted arcade for the East Mall and to incorporate a new public space at the heart of the project. While the Town Square was conceived as a contemporary update of the traditional 17th century London urban square, the East Mall was a conscious development of the arcade form exemplified by the late 19th century gallerias in Milan and Moscow.

The East Mall is formed from an array of tall arches, which gives the space a real air of generosity and lightness, as well as the future flexibility to retail on three levels. The proportion of these arches emphasises the height of the space and the close spacing of the structural elements helps achieve a fineness which belies their scale.

Our interior public space design encompassed all levels of details, such as the design of void edges and bulkheads, flooring patterns and handrails. Softroom also proposed a methodology for the anchor shop fronts and amenity design principles.

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