Our work is distinctive and transformative.
Our designs have helped people to experience and enjoy the Victoria & Albert Museum and the British Museum as well as enhanced the reputation of brands like Virgin Atlantic and Wahaca. Good design depends on understanding the project as a whole. Everything needs to work together: the interior, the exterior, the building’s surroundings. Working across disciplines enables us to achieve this.
Our unique perspective comes from a broad range of influences.
We deliberately choose to work in a variety of sectors, from culture to retail, and our team is intentionally diverse. This allows us to approach each project from many angles, so we’re never constrained by convention.
Our designs are practical, thoughtful and efficient.
We believe maximising value and minimising environmental impact are fundamental principles of good design.
We’re flexible.
We take an open-minded, collaborative approach to our work. We’re equally happy overseeing a whole project, or working as part of a team.
We design experiences.
We craft every detail with the end user in mind. This begins with research. We listen to the needs of clients and users, then use our insight and expertise to create a space that will truly work for them.
We start with a vision.
Design is all about choices. A clear vision guides each project from beginning to end, making sure the choices add up to something exceptional.


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